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Ring is the prefabricated spiral staircase made by combining steel with solid wood. The fixings are in the same color as the staircase, while the handrail in PVC with an aluminum core in light and dark shades. The railing is made up of painted steel balusters. The prefabricated spiral staircase is organized in an easy to assemble kit and is characterized by the landing that can be adapted on site, which can assume three different configurations, trapezoidal, triangular and circular. Thanks to the adaptable landing, the Ring Pixima can be installed in any type of hole, allowing you to decide at the moment also the direction of rotation, allowing the installation of the staircase in various openings. The direction of rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise, it is decided at the time of installation. 


Ring Spiral Staircase
Diameters: 118 - 128 - 138 - 148 - 158 cm
Min. 208 cm - Height max. 380 cm

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